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Level 3 ISIA Instructor training

Program overview Instructor training

The level 3 ISIA ski instructor training program is a 2 season long instructor training. Throughout the years we have found that the best chance for success in the level 3 ISIA exams is to split the instructor training over the duration of 2 winter seasons. This gives candidates the adequate time to thoroughly develop the necessary skills and confidence required at the level 3 ISIA level. We will aid you in finding employment with a ski school to be able to develop your skills in teaching by regularly giving ski lessons.

Instructor training Apex Verbier Ski School

Why Apex Verbier Ski school 

With over 30 years of instructor training between us, we know what it takes to be an instructor. We have spent many years adapting our craft to your needs and to a variety of different systems including NZSIA, IASI, SWISS SNOWSPORTS and BASI to give you the best chance of success and be able to deliver the highest standard of ski lessons. Get in touch to learn more about the systems we can train you in and start your journey now.

The focus of the instructor training

  • Technical skills and understanding 

  • Biomechanics 

  • Develop teaching skills 

  • Regular peer teaching 

  • Focused French sessions to improve 2nd language 

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