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Pete Murdoch

Pete Murdoch 


  • Swiss Patente

  • BASI level 3 ISIA 

  • SSBS ski instructor 

  • Instructor trainer 

  • Technical director


Pete has worked as a ski instructor for 13 winters, 12 of which have been in verbier, the 13th winter was spent ski instructing down in Australia. Pete has spent 7 winters as an instructor trainer helping new instructors achieve their certifications. 3 of these winters was spent as head trainer. Pete brings knowledge from multiple instructor systems. Pete brings a fluid, and practical approach to teaching to create the best possible experience for his clients. Pete is currently in the final stage of the instructor certifications process which will allow him to ski and teach clients off piste. During the summers Pete works as a road cycling guide around Europe following the grand tours of cycling. 

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