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Fresh tracks Private lesson

Outline for the weekend:

Saturday morning 8.30 am meet at Sungod basecamp for a breakfast snack, coffee. 

Presentation of equipment needed for a day in the mountains and the decision making process you go through to decide where to ski to have the safest and best day possible.

Head up the mountain for a deeper look into the decision making process to go through every time you go out into the mountains and get to know your randonée equipment.


Evening, design a tour or off piste itinerary for the Sunday  


Meet 8.45 at Medran to go up the mountain, to follow one of your itineraries and discuss the decision making process you go through.

Sunday afternoon what to do in case of an accident.


Equipment checklist:

  1. Transciever, shovel, probe (snowsports back pack)

  2. Skins and touring skis

  3. First aid kit

  4. White risk (mobile app)

  5. Suncream

  6. Food and water for the day (picnic weather dependent)

Optional extras:

  1. Multi tool

  2. Thermos of tea or coffee

  3. Avalanche Airbag backpack

Powder Private lesson
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